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Unlocking Career Opportunities
Compass Group Recruiting goes the extra mile to connect talented candidates with rewarding job opportunities. Here are some compelling statistics that demonstrate our commitment to candidate success:

of candidates who submit a resume to Compass Group Recruiting find themselves successfully placed in a new job within 90 days. We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to match candidates with their ideal positions EFFICIENTLY.


of candidates who apply through our services experience a positive impact on their income and an increase in their earnings at their new job. We help candidates unlock their full potential and ACHIEVE financial growth.


is the impressive average wage increase for candidates placed by Compass Group Recruiting. Additionally, more than 50% of our candidates receive a significant boost in their income, ranging between 10% and 20%. We understand the importance of finding positions that align with candidates’ ASPIRATIONS and financial goals.


of candidates placed by Compass Group Recruiting remain employed at their respective jobs after one year. Our dedication to a high retention rate showcases the quality of our placements and the SUITABILITY of our matches. 


of our candidates not only remain employed but also thrive in their positions for three years or more. Long-term career stability is a priority for us, and we take pride in contributing to candidates’ professional growth and helping them establish REWARDING careers.

At COMPASS GROUP RECRUITING, we strive to create mutually beneficial relationships between candidates and employers. Our commitment to candidate success, combined with our industry expertise, ensures that candidates find the perfect fit for their skills, goals, and financial aspirations. Contact us today to take the next step in your career journey.

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