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At Compass Group Recruiting, we understand that the key to long-term talent placement is truly understanding our client's needs and goals.

Our network, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to industry expertise sets us apart from our “competitors”. With five decades of combined experience in Manufacturing Recruiting, we have the know-how to understand what skills your next hire needs to possess. Compass Group Recruiting also understands the need to have an employee whom you can trust, fits into your organization’s culture, and is “bought in”.

We get to know you as a company, as people, and as an organization. Turn to Compass Group when you need a partner that you can trust to act as an extension of your business and its needs and development. Clients and candidates become a part of something greater when they agree to work with us. They gain access to a set of tools and a team of professionals whose passion is enabling the growth and continued success of the companies and industry we love.


In-Depth Consultation

to understand your hiring needs, job description, interview process, goals, motivations and culture fit.


Resume Reviews

We send full resumes and review each candidates current situation, their reasons for wanting to join your organization, and other motivators



Discussed early and often, to set and confirm realistic expectations.


Counter Offers

Counsel candidates on how to respond and advise of the negative consequences.


Family Oriented

Include spouse/significant other in the process to address questions and concerns


Selection and Offer

We help negotiate and finalize the offer, start date, and logistics to get to Day 1. 


Client and New Hire Follow Up

Provide follow up with candidates and clients to help navigate through onboarding to ensure expectations are met on both sides.

Start achieving more today.

Whether you’re a job seeker hungry for your next opportunity, or an employer looking for quality candidates, let us help you achieve your goals now.