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At Compass Group Recruiting, we understand the challenges that organizations face when it comes to filling open job positions. With our proven track record and personalized approach, we have consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients. Here are some key facts about our services:

Who We Are Not


of our clients struggled to fill their open positions for 90 days or more before partnering with us. We specialize in finding top talent EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVLEY.


of our clients had previously utilized popular platforms such as Indeed or LinkedIn for job advertising. However, they turned to Compass Group Recruiting after experiencing unsuccessful results. We offer a fresh perspective and tailored strategies to MAXIMIZE your recruitment SUCCESS.


of our placements were completed within 90 days of the initial consultation and signing a Search Agreement. We work diligently to STREAMLINE the hiring process for our clients.


of the candidates we placed were already employed and had not recently applied for new jobs before engaging with us. This demonstrates our ability to access TOP TALENT that may not be actively searching for opportunities.


of our placements were not previously aware of the company they accepted a job with prior to our engagement. Our network and expertise allow us to connect organizations with EXCEPTIONAL candidates who may not have considered them otherwise.


of our placements successfully completed their guarantee period. We take pride in our stellar track record and we stand behind the quality of our candidates, ensuring they are the RIGHT FIT for your organization.


of our placements remain employed at the company we matched them with after one year. Long-term success is a priority for us. Furthermore, 82% of our placements are still successfully employed past the 2 year mark, and an impressive 71% reach the three-year milestone or CONTINUE their tenure.


is our fill rate within 60 days for replacement guarantees. We ensure a smooth transition in the event that a placement does not meet your expectations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is UNWAVERING.


of our clients engage in repeat business with Compass Group Recruiting which shows our dedication to building strong partnerships. We value long-term relationships and strive to be your TRUSTED recruitment partner.

Choose Compass Group Recruiting for unparalleled expertise, exceptional placements, and a commitment to your organization’s success. Contact us today to discuss your hiring needs and experience the DIFFERENCE firsthand.

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